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Let's say I'm querying a big list but only need a subset of the rows for demo purposes. What's the easiest way to say "Top 100 Rows" or similar in CAML? Can't seem to find a statement out there. Thanks!

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Are you using SPQuery object? If so, you can use the RowLimit property of SPQuery object.

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Not quite, I'm using a SSIS Datasource component which queries from SharePoint lists. It takes in CAML so that's feasible, but setting row limit wouldn't be (though the code is open source, a few tweaks could fix that). – tekiegreg Oct 21 '10 at 1:53

You can do this with the RowLimit element.


From what I can find, it should look something like this:

<RowLimit Paged="TRUE">100</RowLimit>

Never used it myself though.

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