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I want to change the search settings on a site collection to point to search center I created. However when I go to site settings, search settings this page throws me An unexpected error has occurred.

I have checked the logs, the log viewer ,etc and there is nothing absolutely nothing related to the event.

I even searched with the correlation id after enabling verbose mode in all logging, and it finds nothing.

When I use powershell to see the values of the properties

these properties are empty: $web = Get-SPWeb

Write-Host $web.AllProperties["SRCH_ENH_FTR_URL"]
Write-Host $web.AllProperties["SRCH_SITE_DROPDOWN_MODE"]
Write-Host $web.AllProperties["SRCH_TRAGET_RESULTS_PAGE"] 
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I am clueless!!!! – Esteban V Mar 28 '13 at 12:06
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  1. Check Central Administration, to make sure that the search service application is associated to you web application's proxy group. Central admin->app settings->configure service application associations

  2. Make sure that the Sharepoint Foundation or Server Search services are up and running on the designated server in your farm. Central Administration->manage services on server

If you try everything you can, and all else fails...I would recommend provisioning a new search service application and hook it your web apps proxy group.

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