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I'm trying to deploy Content of a "Single" subsite from ServerA to ServerB/SiteCollectionA.

When I select "Specific sites within the site collection" within Scope of a new Job and run / test it. It always add Root Site "/" as well to the Scope list. Hence it tries to deploy the root site and the specified subsite.

I do not want to deploy the Root site.

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In the out-of-the-box Content Deployment features of SharePoint there is no way around this. The Site Collection requires the RootWeb to go with it. Your other option could be to create a new Site Collection at a managed path (like /sites/mynewsite, or /newmanagedpath) and move your content to the RootWeb of that site collection. Here is some information on Managed Paths: (applies to both 2010 and 2013).

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Thanks John. I'll moved all the bulky stuff (photos & videos) from the Root site to a subsite. So that it will be small enough to copy. – dotnet_junky05 Mar 27 '13 at 16:15

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