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How can I build a SharePoint 2010 list like the one in this screen?

enter image description here

Original page here:

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That is standard Grouping, you can modify grouping in a View of a list or library.

For example in the GUI by navigating to your list, or library, Select "List" or "Library" from the ribbon and click "Modify view".

Under the Grouping header (by the way, you can se grouping is actually used on this page!) you can select what to group by, and weither Groups should be collapsed or expanded by default

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spot on +1, you just beat me to it :( – ali Sharepoint Mar 27 '13 at 14:09

That is a standard view with a group by option.

You need to edit a view on your list (or create a new view) and then select the field you want to group by on. In the view setting page you need to set this property.

enter image description here

Leave a note if you need more guidance.

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