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I am using sharepoint 2010 and VS2010.

I have implemented this tutorial for creating a custom web template:

Now I would like to add the calendar and announcements list to the home page. Where and how do I do this on my web template files like below:

  1. defaultdws.aspx
  2. default.aspx
  3. ONET.xml
  4. elements.xml

What to do in which file?

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You need to modify Onet.xml file,

If you go through article link I given above you will figure out that in Onet.xml file you need to add

  <ListTemplate .. tag for calendar list and then />
  <ListTemplate .. tag for calendar list and then />

You will need to change list template type for calendar and annoucement in list template, I will let you do it yourself.

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Thanks for your answer. I have implemented the 2 listtemplates like in this post: But where can I implement it on the home page in some webpartzone? – Ola Mar 27 '13 at 8:45

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