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I'm programatically creating a new site with associated groups (Owners, Members etc) in MOSS 2007

When the site is created, and groups associated with the site, the groups don't appear in the Groups Quick Launch, so there is no direct way to edit group membership without trawling through the list of all groups.

Is there an easy way/property to set in C# that will make the new groups appear in the site's Quick Launch?



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You need to add it to the appropriate SPWeb's propertybag.

if ( yourWeb.Properties.ContainsKey("vti_associategroups"))
    yourWeb.Properties["vti_associategroups"] += ";" + yourGroup.Id; // append to existing groups
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This worked for me and the group(s) show up as well. SPSite site = new SPSite("http://localhost"); SPWeb web = site.OpenWeb(); SPUser user = web.CurrentUser; web.SiteGroups.Add("MyGroup", user, user, "My description"); SPGroup g = web.SiteGroups["MyGroup"]; web.AssociatedGroups.Add(g); web.Update();

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