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I need to modify user profile properties using javascript (REST or CSOM). How can I do that?

I don't see any methods in MSDN documentation about modifying profile properties without server code.

Thank you


I found that old asmx user profile service works well, but in SharePoint Online I cannot grant permissions for my account to change all users properties, so I can edit using asmx only my editable properties. It is possible to grant permissions for account in on-premise SharePoint and edit all users properties from app, but this is not my case.

Update: If you are interesting in solution I recommend above there is stackexchange discussion about calling asmx service with SharePoint Online

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Update as on 07/01/2014

User profile properties are now writable via CSOM.


Thanks to Vardhaman Deshpande.

Original Answer

I am afraid if you can change User profile properties as stated by MSDN,

User profile properties from client APIs are read-only (except the profile picture, which you can change by using the PeopleManager.setMyProfilePicture method). If you want to change other user profile properties, you must use the server object model. For more information about working with user profiles


If you want to change them through Server side code check this out,

Work with user profiles in SharePoint 2013

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Thank you. I know about server API, but I work with SharePoint Online, so it is not my case. I'll be looking for alternatives. –  Anton Khritonenkov Mar 28 '13 at 17:14
User profile properties are now writable via CSOM blogs.msdn.com/b/vesku/archive/2014/11/07/… –  Vardhaman Deshpande Jan 6 at 14:32

I have the same task and tried to implement it by referencing user profiles .asmx web service. So I call ModifyUserPropertyByAccountName method, but always receive "Operation Failure ---> Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation." if I try to update someone's (not mine) account. The query is executed by user, which is a member of clobal Administraotr. Tried to update another user profile via UI and was successful.

Any ideas on how to work it out?


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Hi, I added one more update for my question about asmx service and authentication for SharePoint online, check it out. –  Anton Khritonenkov Jun 8 '13 at 9:10

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