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I have a field with the display name Parts Released? but I cannot seem to figure out how to encode the field name. I have tried Parts Released%3f but regardless of what I try I get a 400 Bad Request as my response.

How would I encode Parts Released? with a question mark?

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Here are the rules for working with List field names and List names in REST.

Preserve casing, remove spaces and keep the first letter of each individual word as Capital. For example a field with display name "home aDdress" will be "HomeADdress".

If a special character like dot is in field name or List name it is to be treated like space i.e. if field name is "Add.ress" the REST equivalent will be "AddRess"


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Spaces are trimmed and the special characters are omitted

Parts Released? becomes PartsReleased and if anyone suspects this is the fields internal name, the ListData.svc does not use internal names. The internal name is completely different.

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+1 for proactively handling the internal name question! – Derek Gusoff Mar 26 '13 at 16:31

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