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I'm developing a user control containing textfields bound to my list SPListFields and I'm using this user control twice with two different modes ( Edit or New).

In my Edit mode I want to disable a TextField wich is bound to the SPListItem Code but I didn't now how to do it from code behind ??

Here's the TextField Code :

TextField MyCode = new TextField();
MyCode.ID = "MyCodeID";
MyCode.FieldName = "Code";
MyCode.ItemId = myItemID;
MyCode.ListId = myListID;
MyCode.ControlMode = Mode == OperationMode.Edit ? SPControlMode.Edit : SPControlMode.New;
if (Mode == OperationMode.Edit)
    MyCode.enabledViewState = false // this doesn't enable my textField
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If you want the field to appear as read-only or display than you can change its SPControlMode to Display

MyCode.ControlMode = SPControlMode.Display

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enabledViewState wouldn't enable/disable your field, try .Enabled instead.

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that option doesn't exist – Glolita Mar 25 '13 at 10:00

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