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I have developed a custom edit form with an external item picker as application page in visual studio. The picker is populated with data using the following method.

private ItemPickerExtendedData GetExtendedData(string lobInstanceName, string entityName, string entityNamespace, string titleFieldName,
        string secondaryColumnName)
        ItemPickerExtendedData data = new ItemPickerExtendedData 
            SystemInstanceName = lobInstanceName,
            EntityName = entityName,
            EntityNamespace = entityNamespace,
            PrimaryColumnName = titleFieldName

            data.SetSecondaryColumnNames(new[] { secondaryColumnName });

        return data;           

The picker should now display in it´s textfield the foreign item that is referenced by the currently edited item. E.g., if I edit a bill that is connected with a customer, I should see the customer that has currently been associated with the bill and saved as foreign key in the database.

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