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I found alot of tutorials how to enable incomming email settings for lists or libraries. I have installed smtp in my iis 6.0. The smtp is working because did try to send some test mails with an smtp test tool.

I have enabled the incomming email option in the central admin. Please see attachment for the settings I selected.

When I create a new list and go to list settings, I dont see the option "incomming email setting". What do I missing?!

Incomming mail settings in CA

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Maybe I found the solution. Create a library. Then go to the settings, and there you will see this option. Is this option only visible in a library? I would like to create a content type and and use it in a new list. – Ola Mar 21 '13 at 19:32
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Incoming email is only available in select lists and libraries.

  • Document, picture, or form library
  • Announcements list
  • Calendar list
  • Discussion board
  • Blog


So you'd need to use one of these lists or libraries as your base, remove the default content type and add your own.

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