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I asked a question maybe yesterday or two days ago tops about using ScriptResx.ashx with custom resource files. I noticed that at first my custom file wasn't being rendered through the handler because it was missing a chunk of code that the handler requires:

    Whether this .resx could be read by scriptResx.ashx handler. Only a file
    marked with scriptResx:true could be returned to client.
 <resheader name="scriptResx">
 <!-- the full name of the JavaScript class.  -->
 <resheader name="classFullName">

Once I figured that out, I got my .resx file working -- until I added another property. Once you add a property via the Visual Studio Designer it re-writes the entire file, removing that needed code.

Does anyone have any tricks, tips or Visual Studio templates that will allow me to preserve that block of code while still allowing me to add resources via the Design view?

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Stupid problem. I don't know of any way to fix this... –  Dennis G Apr 8 at 16:56
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