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Lectori salutem,

I am reading into backup and restore operations in SharePoint 2010. I have noticed that in Central Administration > Backup and Restore > Granular Backup there is the possibility to backup a site collection and to export a site collection.

Powershell commands are:

  • Backup a site collection:

    Backup-SPSite -Identity -Path [Force] [-NoSiteLock] [-UseSqlSnapshot] [-Verbose]

  • Export a site collection:

    Export-SPWeb -Identity -Path [-ItemUrl ] [-IncludeUserSecurity] [-IncludeVersions] [-NoFileCompression] [-GradualDelete] [-Verbose]

What is the difference between performing a backup and performing an export?

Thank you in advance.

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Backup-SPSite is generally used when you want to replicate the entire site collection (including all subsites) to an existing web application.

Export-SPWeb is generally used when you want to replicate just a single subsite to an existing site collection.

Also below links are worth to read for other major differences:



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There is just a subtle difference:

  • Workflows are included when you use the Backup-SPSite cmdlet.
  • If you backup a root web of a site collection the site collection recycle bin will obviously not be included.
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Making a backup of the site collection is best used when you need to restore it on the same environment

It's nearly like a content database backup.

Exporting a site collection will allow you to import it on a different environment. It's working in a similar fashion than content deployment jobs. It will include in an environment agnostic way all the assets for to allow you to import it on a different farm.

In short : if you're working in single environment (or cloned environment) backup & restore will do the trick. If you need to move site collection between environments, export & import are better suited.

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