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I have created custom list web part and using that web part in home page. when i click on item its not opening in dialog. I used below code.

Can anyone suggest me what is the problem ?

     SPQuery query = new SPQuery();
                                     query.Query = "<OrderBy><FieldRef Name='ID'     Ascending='False' /></OrderBy>";
                            query.RowLimit = Convert.ToUInt16(RowLimit);
                            SPList list = web.Lists[ListName];
                            SPListItemCollection listItemsCollection = list.GetItems(query);
                            foreach (SPListItem listItem in listItemsCollection)
                                TableRow tableRow = new TableRow();
                                TableCell tableCell = new TableCell();
                                HyperLink link = new HyperLink();

                                string docName = listItem.Title;
                                link.Text = docName;
                                   link.NavigateUrl = web.ParentWeb.Url  + list.DefaultDisplayFormUrl + "?id=" + listItem.ID + "&IsDlg=1";

                                catch (Exception ex)
                                    link.NavigateUrl = web.Url + list.DefaultDisplayFormUrl + "?id=" + listItem.ID ;

                                //link.Target = "_parent";
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Here is a similar question:… – Chloraphil Mar 14 '13 at 12:02

When looking at the code I can't see anything that opens it in a dialog. Just ordinary links. Add "javascript:OpenDialog(here you puit that url) to link. Add this javascript as well:

The script can be found here:

or here

function OpenDialog(url)

   //Using a generic object.
   var options = {
   title: "My Dialog Title",
   width: 400,
   height: 600,
   url: url };

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Addition: showModalDialog appends IsDlg=1 to the link provided, so no need to include that in the url parameter. – Jussi Palo Mar 14 '13 at 12:26
Thanks For ur reply. Can you tell me how to add and call javascript function in .ascx.cs file in .net 2012 – janakiakula Mar 14 '13 at 12:28
You save the javascript in a js file which you deploy to either the hive or library. Then you reference it through the ClientScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptInclude. Info can be found at:… – Magnus Hansson Mar 14 '13 at 13:01

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