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Any way to get the susbstring from the start of the string until a specific character in a SharePoint designer workflow action? I cannot use "Extract Substring from Start of String" because there isn't a set number of characters I want to copy.

I need to get "1 Year" or "3 Months" from the below strings:

"1 Year|5ff55ee4-5a60-2132-bc02-bbfdd9f190ab"

"3 Months|b553caa2-fww7-4c7f-b84e-22788d26386a"

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has any one got something on above? Please let me know.. additionally NO CODE DEPLOYMENT option.... Thank You. Addtionally my initial part is keep on changing.. i mean it will be like John Cena|5ff55ee4-5a60-2132-bc02-bbfdd9f190ab david mcarther|5ff55ee4-5a60-2132-bc02-bbfdd9f190ab ross kapito|5ff55ee4-5a60-2132-bc02-bbfdd9f190ab – user17734 Jun 20 '13 at 5:11
What version of SharePoint and are you doing a 2010 or 2013 style workflow? – Matthew McDermott May 20 at 13:06

Try this:

1) Find substring in string in which:

  • substring is just the pipe | character
  • string is your metadatafield_0 field
  • output: index1

2) Extract substring from string with length in which:

  • substring is your metadata_0 field from the current item
  • starting location is 0
  • end is the output of the first step (index1)
  • output: substring1

Now log substring1. In my case this results exactly in all characters in front of the pipe character:)

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I'm unable to find the action "Find substring in string". Is this a default action in SharePoint 2010 (Foundation)? – TempaC Sep 24 '13 at 14:56
Neat- Just done this as a 2013 workflow updating title on a lookup list with a MMS column – westerdaled Dec 15 '14 at 18:15
@TempaC I believe this is only available with SP 2013 Workflows. – punchingInAPepper Jan 28 at 20:46

In Sharepoint 2013 workflow:

1- Find the index of pipe "|" and save it to a variable.

2- Use an action called "Extract Substring from String from Index with Length".

3- Set copy from to be one of your original strings "1 Year|5ff55ee4-5a60-2132-bc02-bbfdd9f190ab" or "3 Months|b553caa2-fww7-4c7f-b84e-22788d26386a".

4- Set copy starting at to be 0.

5- Set for (length) to be the pipe index variable.

The output will be the part of the original string preceding the pip.

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  • Find substring in string
    enter image description here
    Substring= |
    string=1 Year|5ff55ee4-5a60-2132-bc02-bbfdd9f190ab

    here you will get the index of "|"

  • Now pass that index in Extract string from start of string enter image description here

    replace 0 with your index number, i.e. variable:index1

    string=1 Year|5ff55ee4-5a60-2132-bc02-bbfdd9f190ab

    enter image description here

so you will get your output in variable:substring2 is 1 Year

substring is just the pipe | character string is your metadatafield_0 field output: index1

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