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I am trying to restore a Sharepoint2010 content database(SQL Server 2008 R2) to a Sharepoint 2013 contentDB(SQL Server 2008 R2), on two different servers. On running the Mount-ContentDatabase command in Sharepoint Management Shell I am getting the following error.

sequence [Microsoft.sharepoint.upgrade.spcontentdatabasesequence]cannot upgrade an object [spcontentdatabasename name]whose build version[]is too old. upgrade requires [14.0.4762.1000] or higher

Though its clear that there is some version issue but I have done a couple of migrations earlier using same two DB Servers, didn't face any problem. Any idea why this error came all of sudden and how to fix it?

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Actually version 12.0.* is not SP2010, but SP2007 database, in order to migrate to SP2013 you first need to upgrade that DB in place on your SP2010 server via stsadm -o addcontentdb, then you detach it and attach to SP2013, which will perform one more upgrade.

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It looks like your database is actually a SharePoint 2007 database. Mount the database to a 2010 web application to upgrade it and then mount it to a 2013 web application.

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