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In an ItemDeleting event receiver, is there a way to find out whether SPListItem.Delete or SPListItem.Recycle was called?

I would like to write different things to my log here...

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I thought the answer was to check if the document was in the recycle bin:

private bool DocumentWasRecycled(SPItemEventProperties properties)
    Guid itemGuid = properties.ListItem.UniqueId;
    SPRecycleBinItem recycledItem = null;
        recycledItem = properties.Web.RecycleBin.GetItemById(itemGuid);
    catch { }
    return recycledItem != null;

But the problem is that if I do it in ItemAdding, it hasn't been put in the recycle bin yet, and if I do it in ItemAdded, I can no longer get the ID of the item...

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This is a possible solution to my question

public override void ItemDeleted(SPItemEventProperties properties)
    string[] splittedBeforeUrl = properties.BeforeUrl.Split('/');
    string fileName = splittedBeforeUrl.Last();
    string filePath = properties.BeforeUrl.Replace(fileName, "").TrimEnd('/');
        foreach (SPRecycleBinItem item in properties.Web.RecycleBin)
            if (item.ItemType == SPRecycleBinItemType.File)
                if (fileName.Contains(item.Title) && item.DirName.Contains(filePath))
                    LogDeleteEvent(filePath, fileName);

But in my log, I also need some fields from the SPListItem, which is null in the ItemDeleted event. So I guess there is no solution...

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