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How to send mail every quarter till expiry date using sharepoint 2010 designer workflow. My requirement goes like this. I have a field Expiry Date, I need to send mail to some users every quarter till it reaches the expiry date.

For Example:

Start Date :1st Jan 2013 and Expiry date is 1st jan 2015, I need to send a mail on 1st April 2013, 1st July 2013, 1st Oct 2013 and 1st Dec 2013. Even for year 2014 too.

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Try with the following,

  1. Create a SharePoint Designer (SPD) workflow

  2. Select your task list

  3. Set it to run on Create

  4. Click Next

In the Actions section add these three actions:

  • Add time to date

  • Pause until date

  • Send email

My example looks like this after the properties are set:

Add -7 days to Tasks:Due Date (Output to Variable: ReminderDate)
    then Pause until Variable: Reminder Date
    then Email this message    (you can hard code the address or use the assigned to... )

Notes for this very simple example:

  • If someone edits the task and sets a new due date, this workflow will still send the reminder based on the old date.
  • It does not check to see if the Due Date is at least two days in the future.


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You can use the SharePoint Designer workflow "Pause Until" or "Pause For" action. Microsoft touches on them briefly in their documentation:

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