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Does anyone know how to get to the QR Server webpage in SharePoint 2013 or is this option even available.

I found this link for SharePoint 2010 with FAST.

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The QR server page has been discontinued in SharePoint 2013.

Search Query web service Description: The Search Query web service is deprecated in SharePoint 2013.

In SharePoint Server 2010, the Search Query web service exposes the SharePoint Enterprise Search capabilities to client applications. This enables you to access search results from client and web applications outside the context of a SharePoint site.

Reason for change: The Search Query web service is deprecated because the client object model (CSOM) and a new REST-based web service are available for developing Office-wide extensibility scenarios. The CSOM exposes the same functionality as the Search Query web service, and a larger set of functionality for stand-alone client applications.

Migration path: Change custom search solutions to use the CSOM or REST-based web service instead of using the Search Query web service.

This tool might be helpful too:

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This tool is defenitely helpful. – sssreddy Mar 25 '13 at 14:19

If you want to explore how rank is evaluated for a query check out which explains how to access the ExplainRank.aspx page located in the 15 hive.

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