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I have a basic list in hosted (Office 365) Sharepoint 2010. I am wondering if it's possible to move the page advance to the left side of the bottom portion of said list. A picture for greater clarity:

enter image description here

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You'd need to create a style to override the inline align:center of the id bottomPagingCellWPQ2. This could then be put into a CSS sheet and added as an additional include in your master page, attached directly in Site Settings -> Master Page, or added directly onto the view pages with a content editor web part.

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This is essentially out of the box Sharepoint hosted solution. Can you provide any instructions on how to modify view page to accommodate this modification? – Mort Mar 12 '13 at 17:22

Im on my phone at the moment so cant give you a specific answer but you can use css to move the element for the paging.

use any of the following to get the id or style class:

chrome's inspect element (right click the element) IEs developer tools (f12) Firefox use firebug

when you find the element id or class use something like:

yourelementid or .yourelementclass


you can put the css wrapped in a style block in a content editor webpart on the page. Although if the style is striped out you can link to a text file with the css on it from the content editor webpart.

hope this helps. Ginge.

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