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I would like to have some advice for the logical structure for a corporate portal. I really appreciate your feedback.


At the moment we have a 'partly' public facing site. Assuming this site is currently available via Anonymous access is enabled for this site, but most of its content is only visible for authenticated users (Win & Form/Claim Based). Anonymous users are able to register at this site, via a registration form and are able to log on via a login box. This webapplication contains of just 1 site collection.


In the future we want a new entry, which will contain different information (for a different audience) and later on, we also would like to create a 'full' public facing website (


At our future public facing website ( - we would like to have a central login box. After a user logs in and clicks on the audience1 or audience2 hyperlink, we would like to prevent the user to log in again.

Which setup do you prefer in this case? And why?

Thanks in advance, guys! Greetings

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