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We are using the Content Organizer in SharePoint 2010 to route documents to a central location. Before the documents are routed, however, there are a few required meta-data fields that need to be filled out. If the user does not fill out the meta-data fields completely, the items sit in the drop-off library and the user gets the following email each day:

Subject: Site Name - Additional Information Required

Message: You recently submitted documents to Site Name. Additional information is required to complete the submission. Follow the link below to enter the required information.

To see the list of documents that could not be routed: Site URL

Is there any way to customize the contents, subject, or sender on these emails? As far as I can tell its not part of the Predefined Alert Templates outlined here. Is there any way to customize this alert aside from doing some trickery at the Exchange level?

Thanks much.

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