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I found some technical articles which mentioned that i need to have three separate servers for SharePoint production environment; - First one is for the Database, - Second server for Application, - and the third for the front-end.

But in my case i am planning to have only two servers one for the Database and the other for the application and front-end, will it still be valid to have two servers .Baring in mind that me deployment is considered somehow small with around 60 internal users and around 100 external users?

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That's a perfectly working environment. Having a 3-tier environment is often suggested in topology guides but will give you additional high availability constraints.

Just be sure to allocate enough memory & cpu on both servers (16gb for both is the bare minimum for a production environment)

You'll need to install your farm in a similar way that you would do if you had 3 servers (meaning no standalone installation) so adding another server later should that need arise will not be an issue.

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