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I need to change the order in which some fields appear on the new list item form for one of my custom lists. Regardless of the ordering in the view I have selected, the fields always seem to appear in the order they were created on the new item form.

Note: I don't have infopath so can't do it in there. Also, I'm using Sharepoint Online.

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  1. Open the site with SharePoint Designer and navigate to your list
  2. Open the "NewForm.aspx"
  3. Move your favorite columns to the top

Best Regards from Munich

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Ahh.. that got me most of the way there - newform.aspx doesn't seem to contain any fields specifically but I created a new 'New List Item' form and that does contain the markup for the field layout. Cheers. –  Ben Mar 7 '13 at 16:09

Go into your List Settings and click 'Column Ordering' within the Columns section. Your column orders aren't set within the different views, that's only how they appear in the view itself.

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I've changed the column ordering in there too but it has no effect on the new item form ordering. –  Ben Mar 7 '13 at 15:45

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