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I have added document library template using VS 2012. and then added custom content types to this library. the content types includes 3 managed metadata fields. After deploying the project when I add terms to taxonomy fields in document library, I got following error:

"The SPListItem being updated was not retrieved with all taxonomy fields"

I could not find any solution. Any body have an idea whats wrong ?

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IF everything has been setup properly:

  • Added an extra note field to the schema.xml for each Taxonomy field
  • Changed the throttling settings

AND everything stated in this article is clear and okey-dokey:

then I would suggest to check this:

  • open site collection content type using SharePoint Web Interface:
  • site settings
  • site content types
  • open the content type
  • In the Columns list open the column giving the error
  • Modify site column
  • Edit the term set column setting
  • save
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