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How to create List and libraries with CustomSchemaXml property using SchemaXml with CSOM in sharePoint online2010????

I am using following Code...

// Create new list for restore List Item from List Schema XML
 ListCreationInformation listCreationInformation = new ListCreationInformation();

listCreationInformation.Title = "my_List_Name";

listCreationInformation.TemplateType = int.Parse(listServTemplate);

listCreationInformation.Description = listDescription;

listCreationInformation.QuickLaunchOption = QuickLaunchOptions.DefaultValue;

listCreationInformation.CustomSchemaXml = listCustomSchemaXml;//variable to 
store             schemaXML as string reading schema.xml file



It is giving an exception "Invalid list template".

I am using ClientContext for user Authentication in Client Side Object Model...

Need suitable solution...

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did You do some progress in this problem ? if no, please try:

  1. change TemplateType to constant (e.g. 100 as BaseTemplate)
  2. exclude CustomSchemaXml from your code and rerun program

to detect, which part of your solution is wrong.

My tests with copy lists from source to destination via schema XML strings shows, that sourcelist.CustomSchemaXml cannot be applied "as is" during creation of destinationlist.CustomSchemaXml. I had to remove many XML elements from source schema...

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You can figure out the xml by using Visual Studio. Add a list to a SharePoint project and then grab the schema.xml file.

You also need to provide the featureId of the list template.

I posted a full PowerShell remote provisioning example here: http://www.softlanding.ca/blog/remotely-provision-a-list-using-customschemaxml-(2)

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