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I have an issue trying to get all the installed (not activated) features in SharePoint 2010. I have one site and site collection and what I want to do is have one feature that activates all my features at the site and web scopes. I am trying to get a list of the current installed but not activated features.

SPFeatureDefinitionCollection featureDefinitions = SPContext.Current.Site.FeatureDefinitions;

While using the debugger this returns empty and does not contain any features installed, active, or not active. If I use:


It only returns the active features. I was trying to follow this but it does not seem to work for me. The scope of the feature containing the code is "Site"

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You can try something like this in powershell.

$allSiteFeatures = Get-SPFeature | Where-Object { $_.Scope -eq "Site" }
$activeFeatures = Get-SPFeature -Site "http://sitecollectionUrl"

$allSiteFeatures | ForEach-Object {
$active = $false
    foreach($feature in $activeFeatures)
      if($feature.Id.ToString() -eq $_.Id.ToString())
         $active = $true

If you would like to use c# then SPFarm.FeatureDefinitions should give you a collection of feature definitions which you can filter by scope

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+1 Nice script! – Benny Skogberg Jul 5 '13 at 11:28

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