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I have some troubles with EditForm in Sharepoint. In SPD 2010 i have created External Type and defined CRUD method for him. I want to show in Disp form all item fields, but in Create and Edit form only fields subset, i.e. some fields "ReadOnly".

When i was creating "Create" and "Edit" methods in SPD 2010 operation constructor, i choose only those fields that really required.

When i open "NewItem" from in browser in Create from that's work, i see only subset fields, but in "Edit" from i see all fields.

What's wrong, please help. I need to show subset fields in EditForm. It will be great if i could do this in SPD.

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It's simple, If you want to hide some fields in UpdaterForm, but to show them in DispForm, you should mark this fields as readOnly in SPECIFIC finder method. It's work.

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