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What is a foolproof method of getting a list of fields that are editable by the user from the UI in a SharePoint list.

I tried getting the ShowInEditForm property, but in many cases, it returns NULL.

I tried this condition check,

listfield.Hidden != true && listfield.ReadOnlyField != true && listfield.FromBaseType != true

but that includes Attachment and Content Type Fields

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You can add this to your code

listfield.Type != SPFieldType.Attachments

Hope this helps

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You could use the ShowInEditForm and the ShowInNewForm but check for the NULL. Is it is different than NULL, use this value. Else, try your condition check.

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There is a more, um, DETAILED answer here, but it seems top-heavy to me:

I had this same problem today and found a more elegant answer, although Attachments seems to be a one-off fix. You also need to keep in mind that you can hide user-editable fields yourself, and they will appear as Hidden = true. For my case, I want to list all user-serviceable fields, including ones I had hidden from the user.

This method returns true if the field given is a user-editable field:

private bool IsValidField(SPField objField)
  return (!objField.ReadOnlyField &&
    objField.CanToggleHidden &&
    objField.Type != SPFieldType.Attachments);

OK, just let me say that the code block formatting feature in this forum kicks ass. I love it.

P.S. I realize this thread is almost a year old, so I presume the OP has found his answer or, as is usually the case, a work-around. I try to provide an answer to old threads when it relates to my current dilemna, as I figure someone else is going to search for the same problem as me, and it is better to have an answer in an old thread than none at all.

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