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I'm working on this ShP2010 project, but i don't have the "Master Page" link under "Look and Feel" in my site settings.

Is that a configuration? can it be enabled to show the link?


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follow this steps

Goto Site collection feature

Activate "SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure"

Goto Manage site feature

Activate "SharePoint Server Publishing"


Ashish Chotalia

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In 2007 I'm pretty sure you had to enable the publishing infrastructure site collection feature and the publishing site feature. You might have to do the same with 2010.

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This is still true for SharePoint 2010 – Neil White Nov 5 '10 at 10:59

I don't know if it's true in SP2010, but in 2007 you couldn't select a different masterpage in WSS 3.0 via the website, only via Sharepoint Designer (set as default masterpage). If you are using SPF 2010, this might be the problem you are facing.

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