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Is there a way to do it. e.g.

  • 1st Jan

    • 8am - 9am
    • 9am - 10am
  • 3rd Jan

    • 8am - 9am
    • 9am - 10am

So users can select either 1st Jan or 3rd Jan and then select the timings within. Please do not take this question down even though I accept it is a repeat (http://sharepoint.stackexchange.com/questions/57580/how-to-create-a-survey-in-sharepoint-which-supports-sub-options-in-choice-item). No answers/comments were given on that question but I hope this post is replied to even in the negative.

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to achive this you can create a cusom SharePoint field. In this field you will be able to manage everything from display to rendering.

See this post how it can be done.

There are different methodes to use. E.g. you can override render HTML method to render you html as you wish.

Hope it helps,


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