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I have a single search service application associated with both of my web applications. In each web application I want search results to only appear from within that web application.

I believe I can create a second search service application and dedicate one per web app but that seems overkill. Is there a straightforward solution using Search Scopes or other features? I am not particularly familiar with search configuration.

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At the CA level: If you want to do this at the central admin level, then I think your options are pretty limited. You can create seperate content sources for search and use rules to minimise but I think this will not work very well.

At the site collection level: If you donot require scope drop down to appear on the site then change the search settings Under Site Actions > Search settings > Site Collection Search Dropdown Mode > Set it to " Do not show scopes dropdown, and default it to contextual scope".

At the search web part level: You can configure the core search results web part to minimise the search scope, here is how to do this:

Hope it helps.

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