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I have a SharePoint 2013 instance that I would like to modify the default email template. I want to put my company's logo as a header and the company contact info as a footer on every email that is sent from SharePoint.

Is there any way to force SharePoint to use my message template? If there is an event receiver that I can tap into, that would also work.

I am a C# developer, so if there is some custom code required, I'd actually prefer it.

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As a developer you have several ways to customize the alerts.

In order to insert your company's logo, you will have to implement your own iAlertNotifyHandler.

You can get an overview about your possibilities here: "msdn Library > Alerts in SharePoint Foundation"

The article says nothing about SharePoint 2013, but when you look in the documentation for "msdn Library > SharePoint schemas > AlertTemplates schema", you'll find that it still works with SharePoint 2013.

Here are two tutorials that should help you:

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There is few change in the C# code used for SharePoint 2013. Here is step by step guide for implementing it in SharePoint 2013.

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