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I want to create a site action menu item Custom Action which opens a Sharepoint 15 app (default.aspx) as modal dialog. is it possible? thanks.

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There is out of the box support for opening a dialog from custom action. Add following attributes to the CustomAction XML node --

  • HostWebDialog : Set it to true if you want to open a dialog
  • HostWebDialogWidth: Width of the dialog
  • HostWebDialogHeight: Height of the dialog

For more information go to my blog here. Hope this would help you.

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what I meant with site action menu was that menu contians site setting and site content, under the gear. I want to have a menu there that you can open an sharePoint app in a modal winodow. the exampel in your link is for List under EditControlBlock – Medes Aug 8 '14 at 7:49

You should be able to do it through the following way:

1) Create a SharePoint page: placeHolder.aspx

2) Create an AppPart/Client WebPart for your App and place it on placeHolder.aspx

3) Open placeHolder.aspx inside the Modal Dialog

4) Open the Modal Dialog from a custom action.

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Do you mean a usual Custom Action or those that came with SharePoint Apps. If it is a usual how do I can point to the app part? and If it is a custom action app then how can I open a modal dialog. I have previously created Custom Actions which opened application pages as modal. but a usual Custom action can not be added to a SharePoint App project. – Medes Feb 27 '13 at 7:42

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