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I want to get current user in high-trust apps at sharepoint 2013 on-premises environment. But each returned user are the same, how can i get the correct current user? Here is my code:

    public ActionResult Index()
        var sharepointUrl = Request.QueryString["SPHostUrl"];

        var clientContext = TokenHelper.GetS2SClientContextWithWindowsIdentity(new Uri(
            sharepointUrl), Request.LogonUserIdentity);

        clientContext.Load(clientContext.Web.CurrentUser, user => user.LoginName);


        string result = "<h2>Web title retrieved using the managed client object model</h2>";
        result += "<p>" + clientContext.Web.Title + "</p>";


        ViewBag.Content = result;
        ViewBag.User = string.Format("Current UserName:{0}", clientContext.Web.CurrentUser.LoginName);

        return View();
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You need to enable "Pass-through authentication" in your IIS website. Follow the steps described in the following page Windows Authenticated logon configuration for Microsoft IIS7

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