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I have followed the following liks to add custom links to sharepoint 2013 suite bar.




Code executed and Farm level feature activated successfully. but I could not see my custom link in Suite Bar ?

any idea what is I am missing ?

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try to increase Sequence attribute of delegate control. –  Alexander Feb 25 '13 at 13:34
John Chapman's blog is great for this. Especially in this case where you want to keep the original links: sharepointjohn.com/… –  Robert Lindgren Oct 17 '13 at 13:49

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I always have added custom links to the suite bar using a small jquery script on the page

On SharePoint 2013 you can do that using this code

<script type="text/javascript">
var suiteBar = $("#suiteBar").find(".ms-core-brandingText");
suite.html("<a href="www.google.com"> custum link </a>");   

If you are using Office 365 you can use this code

<script type="text/javascript">
var suiteBar = $("#suiteBrandingBox");
suite.html("<a href="www.google.com"> custum link </a>");   

Both codes here will change the sharepoint logo and add a custom link on it's place.

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This is a nice workaround, but not a very good solution. For example, to change the SharePoint logo permanently no more than two-three rows of Powershell is needed. This will improve performance on every page load –  Robert Lindgren Oct 17 '13 at 13:48
Robert you are right but for Office 365 you can't run the powershell –  Joao Ferreira Oct 22 '13 at 10:45
True, but the question is targeted for SharePoint Enterprise –  Robert Lindgren Oct 22 '13 at 11:26

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