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Next to search box there is a dropdown containing query suggestions (everything, people, ...). How can I catch the value of this dropdown (it is div.s) in JavaScript (jQuery). Also I want to know which item has been chosen by the user in my JavaScript file.

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You can via javascript set an eventhandler on the dropdown list. You can set the eventhandler to trigger on .change() when it's a dropdownlists.

An example would be:

[In your masterpage]

$("DropDownListClientID").change(function () {
    GetSelectedSearch($(this + " option:selected"))

[In your .js file]

function GetSelectedSearch(selection)
    // your code here
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thank you for your answer. In my js file I send query to search by uing Search Rest API and the result is shown in a div like a mega menu. I wanted to restrict the query by catching the value of this dropdownlist. the problem is this is not a realy dropdownlist but only divs. I am going to test your answer and will mark it as answer. – user12955 Feb 24 '13 at 17:02

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