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I select some data for statistic from the wss_logging database. (How often will each site called in the month)

No i realized that the stored data in the table (view) dbo.RequestUsage are only from the actual month.

Is it possible to extend the store, that it holds the data over 2 months?

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The Usage Logging database can only store and display information via defined views to only a maximum of 31 days. The following PowerShell command error validates my statement:

Set-SPUsageDefinition : Cannot validate argument on parameter 'DaysRetained'. The 32 argument is greater than the maximum allowed range of 31. Supply an argum ent that is less than 31 and then try the command again.

Set-SPUsageDefinition -Identity <SPUsageDefinitionPipeBind> [-Enable] [-DaysRetained <0-31>] [-Verbose]

Get-SPUsageDefinition will list the definition Names with their current retention periods.

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That's sad ... but thx a lot! – Sascha Mar 6 '13 at 8:42

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