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Is Shredded Storage part of SharePoint Server 2013 or available in Foundation edition as well?


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It seem like Shredded Storage is available in both on-premise editions, but is not available in SP Online.

Not available to SharePoint Online customers. Shredded storage is essentially the chunking of data—only differences are saved. That means if versioning is enabled and someone makes a change to a document, only changes “shreds” are added to the storage footprint of that document. Shredded storage improves I/O performance by reducing how much information retrieved by the web server from the content database. Shredded storage removes duplicate files, and improves data transmission speed.

Abailable in:

Foundation - Yes; Standard - Yes; Enterprise - Yes.

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Thanks Michael, that's pretty clear ! – Zakir HC Feb 21 '13 at 6:09

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