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I try to use following codes, but it does not work. Results is

Total count =null. 

If I use "88x211", I can get the right result. How to write queryXml to search out "88X211.doc" using keyword "211"?

String query_select_xml="<QueryPacket xmlns='urn:Microsoft.Search.Query' Revision='1000'><Query>"+"<Range><Count>50</Count></Range>"+"<Context>"+
            "<QueryText language='en-US' type='MSSQLFT'>"+
            "SELECT filename,Title, Path, Description, Write, Rank, Size,author,hitHighlightedSummary,hitHighlightedProperties,contentclass FROM Scope()";
    query_select_xml+=" WHERE \"Scope\" = '"+Scope.toString();
    //query_select_xml+="' AND FREETEXT(contents,'"+Keyword.toString()+"')";
    query_select_xml+="' And (\"Filename\" like '211%') ";
    //query_select_xml+="' AND FreeText(filename,'211*')";
    query_select_xml+="ORDER BY \"Rank\" Desc "+"</QueryText>"+"</Context>" +
            "<IncludeHighConfidenceResults>true</IncludeHighConfidenceResults>" +
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I have found the solution. Setting the "Reduce storage requirements for text properties by using a hash for comparison" option in the settings of the managed property makes the LIKE predicate work.

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