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I am trying to export a site in SP 2010 with export site functionality in Central Administration but it fails. The error message in log is

Progress: Exporting List ConvertWordToPDF - ListInstance1.
Error: Feature '107aff13-3473-4bd7-80e9-4ec4edf1926c' for list template '10000' is not installed in this farm.

Seems like there is a reference to a list in the database that does not exist any more.

Any ideas how to solve it?

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Simply remove the list before exporting the site.

If you can't see the list under View All Site Content you could just use PowerShell:

$web = Get-SPWeb http://mysharepoint
$web.Lists["ConvertWordToPDF - ListInstance1"].Delete()
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Use this tool it will save you hours of trouble

Content Deployment Tool

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