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Today I experienced a some what weird behaviour when renaming the default "Title" column of a custom list. Note that im on a german site collection with english as selected menu language. The following steps were taken:

  1. I created a custom list. As you can see, the "Title" field is named "title". Field named title

  2. Now I go to the list settings, select the "Title" field and rename it to "title123". renaming of title field renaming of title field

  3. On an english system the title is now displayed as "title123". On the german system the title is shown as "Titel":
    field named titel

Why does this happen? Are there any resource files or something like that to change?

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It is because SharePoint Multilingual User Interface (MUI) translates also column titles. What you did was that you overrode the default English MUI translation of the Title field to "title123". However, when you switch over to German MUI, it will use the German default translation of the Title field. You would need to change it also on the German MUI side.

All default SharePoint field titles contain translations in the language packs you install. If you want to translate custom field titles, or modify translations as a bulk, you can export and import translations behind Site Settings, more details of that here.

Another blog discussing the MUI in general here.

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