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I am working on SharePoint 2010 PPS dashboard. I have created charts from sql cube and also from SharePoint list using power pivot for excel and SharePoint.

Now one of our project manager asked me to put time slider(This time slider shall have last 12 months. User can select 1 to 12 months by moving this slider. This selection shall change data on the all graphs). He has also asked me about gauge visualization(This Year vs. Last Year comparison Gauge (total of all 4 locations) shall be placed.).

I just started PPS. I do not know how to make it possible. Is it possible in SharePoint 2010 PPS dashboard?



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You can probably use third party web parts such as the Nevron chart and gauge webparts. They can be installed on any site collection so you should be able to use them with PPS as well. Regarding the “time slider” – you should be able to implement a slider control that passes date time values as parameters to the chart and gauge webparts. There is online example that demonstrated something similar: http://spchartexamples.nevron.com/Financial/Range%20Selection%20Chart/default.aspx

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ya nice one..i have already read about it. –  Dhaval Kariya Mar 11 '13 at 13:17
Well, sometimes 3rd party solutions are the best to be honest- they might cost you something, but at the end of the day the support you can receive with it is worth it. And let me tell you- those guys have a great support team! –  Gigi Kornblatt Mar 18 '13 at 13:33

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