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I have created a web template into my project. I have created a feature and add event receiver where I have added code to create custom list. Now I want to add this feature to the web template. How I add this? I just go to feature file system folder and copied visual studio sharepoint feature file and pasted to web template file system folder. is that correct way? But I am wondering, should I also copied .xml and EventReceiver.cs files of feature? or only sharepoint feature file is enough ?

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This article gives you step by step procedure for creating a full Web template. There is one step that also details how to add Features to the template, as besides adding it as part of your project, you also need to specify it in the WebFeatures element or SiteFeatures according to its scope.

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Yup in your element.xml file you can add following tag,

<Elements xmlns="">
  <WebTemplate Name="SimpleSite" Title="Simple site" BaseTemplateID="1" BaseTemplateName="STS" BaseConfigurationID="0" DisplayCategory="Simple sites" />

Your project structure should look something like this,

enter image description here

I personally use WSP Builder which does the job for me, but if you don't know how to do it by yourself then I won't recommend yu using WSP builder straight away.

Here's tutorial for how to use WSP builder for creating a feature.

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