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i have created the Visual web part for SP2010 site, What i need is i have implement it into this into MOSS 2007 site.

Is MOSS2007 support visual web part,and how to do this???

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  1. Create a web user control and do the necessary code behind.
  2. Specify the fully qualified name of the assembly in the ascx file Inherits attribute, so that code can be deployed to GAC and the ascx file can read it from there.
  3. Set the deployment location for the ascx file to the /_controltemplates/ folder (in 12 hive) in feature you will use to deply the soutions.
  4. Add a web part in the same solution and load the ascx file using this.Page.LoadControl(_ascxPath);
  5. Deploy the solution.
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Have a look at Jan Tielen's 'Smart Part' that allows any ascx file to be hosted in SharePoint 2007.

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