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I have looked everywhere and tried everything but thus far I am unsuccessful at getting a my Template working on my SharePoint 2010 site. I did a detach/attach upgrade.

Everything is working okay except for that I can't create a new site. I tried downloading my .stp from my 2007 site. I renamed it to a .cab. Made the necessary edits in the manifest.xml. Remade my .cab file and then renamed it a .stp and uploaded it to Solutions in my SharePoint 2010 site but it still does not work.

Everything loads fine but when I am make it available and a Site Template it doesn't stick. I get a blank page when click New Site.

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Publishing sites are not meant to be used as .STP files - the implications are beyond the site template. The recomanded ways are either to create your own site definition ( or or a Web Template.

If you choose to go that way, make sure you go through this article to understand the pros and cons.

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