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So basically the problem is: I have one farm that I have limited access to. I need to access that farm to get information to another farm. I.E Top navigation needs to be in sync w/the other farms. I just want to know if this is possible using c# code behind?

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In 2010 and 2013, you have the SharePoint Client Object Model. Using this you can create C# code that runs outside of the context of the farm being accessed. For some examples, see

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There could be many posibilities, with regard to what kind of data you try to access. In your case, because you are interested only in navigation you could use a similar approach as described for the "Cross site collection navigations" - see here - the key being the part making a simple WebRequest retrieve and serialize as JSON (many JQuery components can use this as data source).

Another approach is to connect to the Web Services of that particular Farm direclty - but it also means that you need to figure our what Web Application / Site Collection you are actually targetting - see here I'm not actually aware whether you get a "Navigation" related web service, but you could find all here

Finally, i believe you also need to understand what "navigation" you are actually targeting, as the actual navigation is always handled via navigation providers - explained quite well here

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