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I have the following scenario and would very much appreciate any advice:

I exported a list /System/Examples to Excel and then saved it as Testing.xlsx to a different document library: /System/Documents.

I have an Excel Web Access web part displaying a pivot table on a page: /Admin/Dashboard.aspx

I can then open the document from the Excel Web Access web part and enable the connection, modify the document and then save it. However, if I now refresh the connection, both my local document and Excel Web Access web part display the previous version (presumably cached) and the original document in /System/Documents is correctly updated with my new data.

If I now close the Excel document and click "Reload workbook" (not refresh connection) on the Excel Web Access web part, it will fetch my saved data.

Now, what I actually need it to do is for the Excel Web Access web part to display real time updates. Is there a way of doing this or is it just a case of manipulating the timeout values in the Trusted File Location properties in the Excel Services service application?

Thanks in advance

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