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I have a Content Query Web Part that is aggregating pages for me. I am using the OOB "Image on left" Item Style. On my pages, I am editing the properties and giving them a Rollup Image. When I upload the image I specify the max width as 100 px and select to maintain aspect ratio. I've also used the picture editing tools on the Rollup Image field to set similar properties on other pages.

When my images render in the Content Query Web Part, however, the image is displayed at full size.

When I check the Rollup Image field using PowerShell, I do see the proper dimensions specified.

Is SharePoint supposed to handle the sizing of the Rollup Image for us (based on the attributes of the image)? Or do we need a custom ItemStyle to specify max-width (and/or max-height) ?

Environment: SharePoint 2010, SP1 + December 2011 CU. Enterprise Wiki site template.

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