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Quick question really. We have a 4 server setup for our sharepoint farm and ive noticed that there are logs on each server. I thought that everything was written to the log that resides on the same server as central admin, but im not so sure now. Can someone offer some guidance on this?

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The ULS (Universal Log system) maintains a different log file per server, see here

You could use tools such as ULSLogViewer( for a real time solution, connecting directly via mapped folders, to all logs on servers.

For more advanced tracing, also Network Monitor is a good tool, however is more complex, even with specific SharePoint targeted parsers.

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General rule is that error is logged there it occured. But SharePoint can collect all the logs into one database for you. To enable this feature, go to "Central Administration" --> "Monitoring" --> "Timer Jobs". Change view to "All", and there you will find timer job "Diagnostic Data Provider: Trace Log".

enter image description here

Enable it, setup schedule and run. It will create ULSTraceLog view in the WSS_Logging database (could be called differently, as in my case):

enter image description here

Selecting data from this view will display your ULS logs, collected throughout all the servers in your farm:

enter image description here

P.S. Please don't forget that the database could grow considerably with time.

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